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Det nasjonale pasientsikkerhetsprogrammet skal bidra til å redusere pasientskader og øke pasientsikkerheten i Norge.

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The Norwegian Patient Safety Programme: In Safe Hands

In Safe Hands was originally launched in 2011 as a patient safety campaign by the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services. From 2014, the campaign continued as a five-year programme. The aim of the programme is to reduce patient harm.

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Patient Safety Culture Measurement

The “In Safe Hands” campaign is currently measuring patient safety culture among professionals in all care giving units in every hospital. In addition, the campaign is now piloting a similar survey on patient safety culture among a selection of ambulatory clinics with regular general practitioners and emergency care.

Deltakere på læringsnettverk3 for sykehjem i Vestfold oktober 2011

Measuring patient harm with Global Trigger Tool

All health trusts measure patient harm using Global Trigger Tool (GTT) in the Norwegian Patient safety campaign

Contact information

Please contact the Campaign Secretriat by email post@pasientsikkerhetsprogrammet.no or by telephone +47 464 19 575

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Telefon og epost:
46 41 95 75

Sekretariatet for nasjonalt pasientsikkerhetsprogram
Pb. 7000
St. Olavs plass
0130 Oslo

Helsedirektoratet, Universitetsgata 2.